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Mr. Unexpected

Book One in The Bonded Brothers Series

Some audiences might find this content triggering.

Discussion of family death/cancer.

Harrison Davenport is my best friend’s elusive, wealthy, older boss.
A man seemingly worlds apart from me… and yet, somehow, our worlds collide.

When I lock eyes with the gorgeous man across the room, butterflies ignite my insides.
We flirt with our hurried glances and sneaky smirks, and then, to my surprise, I slip away after sharing only my name.

A week later, through my gilded mask, those familiar electric eyes have me captivated, and this time, we exchange more than names.

The third time we meet, it’s on the dance floor of a nightclub.
Words clash, accusations fly, and in a whirlwind of temptation, I spend an unforgettable night with him… knowing it’s all he could give.

Against the odds, I see him again one month later—this time, I’m teaching his daughter how to bake.

Is it coincidence or the universe’s way of pushing us together?

Despite our connection, he holds me at arm’s length, too protective of his daughter and family bond.

Until one day, the tension snaps, and we finally give in to the unexpected pull between us.

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